Thursday, June 14, 2018


Dear Hoover Rockets,

It seems like yesterday I was welcoming students on our first day of school.  We would like to thank everyone for all of the support that was given this year.  Staff, parents, volunteers and students have made this a rewarding year.  Each day has been an opportunity to build relationships with Hoover Rockets.  Hoover Elementary is such a wonderful community!  Our staff is so appreciative of all that you have done this year to support the instruction of our students.  This year at Hoover will be one I will never forget.  Here are a few highlights:
*getting dunked in the dunk tank
*walking in the Walk-a-Thon
*serving pizza on pizza days
*listening to students read
*observing teachers and students in the classroom
*picking strawberries in the garden

As we close the year, I want to share with you my tremendous gratitude for entrusting your children to us.  Our Hoover Rockets are amazing boys and girls-I enjoy them so much!  It is my privilege to serve as the principal of Hoover Elementary.  I wish each of our Hoover Rockets, as well as their families, a summer filled with sunshine and memory making events.  Whether you are enjoying the Livonia Spree, rides on your bikes, trips to the Dairy Barn or travels across America, I hope your days are happy ones!

WOW!  What a fun last week of school!

2nd Grade had a picnic on the playground

Kindergarten had crafts, sack races, bubbles, Kona Ice and many more fun activities.

1st and 3rd Grade went bowling!  Thank you to Merri-Bowl for the awesome arrangements!


Students were able to pick strawberries this week at recess!

How do you find out who your child's teacher is in the Fall?  Stay Connected!

Reminder: ELEMENTARY parents, please log into Parent Connect via our website to make sure you are connected! If you’ve never used Parent Connect, you’ll want to log in prior to next school year, when LPS will post ELEMENTARY teacher/classroom assignments in Parent Connect.

To access Parent Connect, go to the Parents tab at and click on Parent Connect. Log in with your user name and password, which was issued at the time of registration. There, you may check classes, assignments, grades, attendance, cafeteria accounts, transportation assignments and more, in addition to managing account settings. If you do not have your log-in, please contact your child’s school secretary.

To ensure that you’re receiving important district information via email, text and phone calls, please check that your contact information is current on your student(s)’ pink emergency card(s).

Suggested School Supply List

Kindergarten (for community use, no names please)
ü  large backpack (no wheels)
ü  Headphones (no earbuds)
Supplies to share as a class set
ü  2 boxes Crayola crayons (24 count)
ü  Crayola or Prang watercolor paints
ü  1 box basic yellow pencils
ü  2 large erasers
ü  4 black dry erase markers (preferably low-odor or odorless)
ü  6 large glue sticks
ü  Kleenex *
ü  Ziploc bags (gallon size) – Girls *
ü  Ziploc bags (sandwich size) – Boys *

ü  hand sanitizer (boys), baby wipes (girls) *

First Grade (for community use, no names please)
ü  Headphones for chrome book use in class (no earbuds)
ü  Backpack 
ü  1 single subject spiral notebook (plain covers only please)
ü  2 large erasers
ü  1 box(24) crayons (no larger)
ü  2 boxes basic yellow pencils (Ticonderoga brand please - lasts longer)
ü  set of 4 dry erase markers
ü  6 large (only) glue sticks
ü  1 zippered pencil case (no plastic boxes)
ü  1 pair of scissors (labeled with name)
ü  2 family size boxes of Kleenex *
ü  Kid-friendly (baby) wipes
ü  gym shoes – optional
Second Grade
ü  Headphones/earbuds in labeled bag
ü  2 large erasers (label w/student’s name)
ü  1 pkg. of colored pencils
ü  2 boxes #2 pencils basic YELLOW ONLY *
ü  1 box crayons (24 – no larger)
ü   odor- less dry-erase markers (set of 4)
ü  1 pair scissors
ü  1 highlighter pen – labeled with student’s name
ü  6 large glue sticks
ü  2 pkg. of 3 x 3 Post-its                                                        
ü  1 composition book (Mead 9 ¾ x 7 ½ - wide ruled)       
ü  2 folders with 2 pockets                                                     
ü  1 zipper bag for writing tools (no boxes)                         
ü   large/small Ziploc bags *                                                  
ü  1 baby wipes (girls), hand sanitizer (boys) *                                                                  
ü  2 large boxes Kleenex*
Third Grade
ü  1 pair of headphones in a labeled bag         
ü  1 pair of scissors                       
ü  4 large glue sticks
ü  1 pkg. of 12 colored pencils
ü  1 red correcting pen
ü  1 highlighter
ü  pencil top erasers
ü  pencil sharpener
ü  2 boxes #2 basic yellow pencils
ü  1 box of crayons (16 – 24)
ü  2 dry erase markers (low odor or odorless)
ü  1white board eraser/sock
ü  1 composition books (Mead 9 ¾  x 7 ½ wide ruled)
ü  1 spiral wide ruled notebook (70 pages)
ü  1 folder w/pockets
ü  2 zipper pencil case (no boxes)
ü  1 box of Kleenex *1 pkg. baby wipes (girls) hand sanitizer (boys) *
ü  gallon baggies (boys), sandwich bags (girls) *
Fourth Grade
ü  1 pair of headphones/earbuds in a labeled bag
ü  4 glue sticks (large) – replenish as needed
ü  1 pkg. colored pencils or bold markers
ü  1 box of crayons (16 – 24)
ü  2 composition notebooks (Mead) Ms. Skibinski’s class – 1composition notebook (Mead)
ü  2 red pens
ü  #2 pencils (replenish throughout the year)
ü  1 pkg. highlighters
ü  4 pack of dry erase marker (low odor)
ü  2 large eraser (white pentel work best)
ü  1 pr scissors
ü  3 pocket folders (different colors) Ms. Skibinski’s class - 1 pocket folder
ü  2 pkg. 2x2 post-its
ü  1 multiplication Flash cards (1-12)
ü  zipper pencil case (no boxes)                         
ü  1 box of Kleenex *                                                       
ü  1 pkg. of wipes *

* No trapper keepers, binders (K, 1, 2, 3) or mechanical pencils (For all grades)
* Items such as Kleenex, hand sanitizer, sandwich size zip lock bags etc…are clearly optional donations and are for sharing by the children in the classroom.
*Individual teachers will have additional requests that are unique to each classroom

*Please let Mrs. Linn or your child’s teacher know if we can assist you in any way…we are more than happy to do so. 

Did you know that the old swings are gone and the new equipment is almost ready?  We are just waiting for the new mulch to arrive and then the North Playground will be open again!

Greetings Hoover Rockets!  My name is Tracey Schenk, and I am the newly elected PTA President for the 2018/2019 school year.   I am eager to take on this new role, and certainly look forward to getting better acquainted with everyone at Hoover.   My goal is to provide Hoover families the opportunity to share in our exciting PTA activities and events, and create lifelong memories for our children.   My boys will be in 3rd grade and Kindergarten this fall, and my Husband and I plan to volunteer for many years to come.    
Sept. 4                 First Day of the 18/19 School Year
Oct. 17-18           Elementary Parent/Teacher Conferences 1/2 Days
Nov. 6                  No School District Professional Development Day
Nov. 21-23          Thanksgiving Recess
Nov. 30                No School Work Day to Mark Report Cards
Dec. 24-Jan 4     Winter Recess
Jan. 21                No School MLK Day
Feb. 18                No School Midwinter Break
Feb. 27                Half Day  Professional Development in PM
March 8              Half Day Work Day in PM to Mark Report Cards
April 1-5             Spring Break
April 19              No School Good Friday
May 24               Half Day
May 27                   No School Memorial Day
June 13-14             Half Days

Friday, June 8, 2018


Dear Hoover Rockets,

4th Grade Clap Out

On June 15th, the last day of school we will be doing the 4th grade Clap Out at 12:00. 4th grade parents can stand in the lobby or outside the 1st grade doors. The students will walk down the hall, through the lobby, past the KG classrooms, past the 1st grade classrooms and out the 1st grade door.  Then they will head back around to the front of the building.  Please allow yourself extra time and patience this afternoon, in the parking lot.

Autograph Day

On Wednesday, June 13th those students who purchased Yearbooks will receive them.  We will have Autograph pages for those students who did not order a Yearbook.  All of the students and staff will be outside signing Yearbooks at 3:10 on Wednesday, June 13th.  

Music Concert
We had a great turn out for our Hoover Outdoor Music Concert Monday night.  Thank you to all the families that attended and cheered on our musicians.  Thank you to Ms. Sato and Mr. Turner for a great performance.

 Baby Bunnies
We have some baby bunnies on both playgrounds at Hoover.  Students have been reminded not to touch the bunnies.  It has been fun to watch them grow.

Eco-Action Ambassadors
Our Eco-Action Ambassadors chose to weed the Outdoor Classroom during recess this week.  Thank you to Mrs. Jungwirth for supervising these students.


Thank you to all the Masterworks Volunteers who came in and shared Artwork and Famous Artists with our students this year.  Here is a picture from Mrs. Cowher's  class as students were working on their Pointillism “Seasons” trees.

Non-Fiction Writing

Mrs. Cowher's class published Non-Fiction Articles about a variety of animals. 
They were so impressive.


Ms. Fortier's class has been celebrating moments of Tootling.  Tootling is the opposite of tattling.  Students write a sticky note to celebrate an act of kindness from a classmate.

School Supply Lists for the 2018-19 School Year

Suggested School Supply Lists for each Grade Level will be
located on our Hoover Website over the summer.
Soon you will find these updated lists in the "Hoover Quick Links' sections of our home page.

Hoover Annual Education Report

The 2017/18 Hoover Annual Education Report has been posted on our Website.  It has data from the state from the 2016/17 school year.  This is the more current data we have been given from the State of Michigan..  This is the link to our Website
Did you know that the new Playground Equipment is a part of the Bond Renovation Project?  They began work this week on the playground.  Please do not allow your children to play on the new equipment, old equipment, or construction materials.  We are monitoring the progress and work locations daily and making decisions about whether we will be indoors or outdoors for line up and recess.

June 11                3rd Trimester Ends
June 11                1st Grade Bowling Field Trip
June 12                4th Grade Fairway Farms Swim Party
June 13                3:10 Autograph Day
June 14               Half Day Dismissal 12:10, No lunch served
June 15               Half Day Dismissal 12:10 LAST DAY  12:00 4th Grade Clap Out
Sept. 4                 First Day of the 18/19 School Year
Dec. 24-Jan 4     Winter Recess
April 1-5             Spring Break

Friday, June 1, 2018


Dear Hoover Rockets,

Field Day

Tire Roll
It was a beautiful day for Field Day.  Thank you to Mr. O and all the volunteers that made it such a successful event!  The Dunk Tank was the favorite!

Dunk Tank


Stevenson Clap Out

Congratulations to our Hoover Alumni Graduates!  They came to Hoover for a clap out today! We are so proud of them!

Did you know that Hoover will be getting new Playground Equipment installed?  The North Playground Structure will be replaced.  We are also getting new swings and a couple small playground structures.  We do not know the exact installation date.  Once they start installing the new equipment it will be important for students not to play on the playground or any of the construction vehicles.
Food Trucks at the Outdoor Music Concert: Burger Spot will begin serving food at 5:15pm and serve until either food runs out or the concert is over. Kona Ice will be at Hoover for the entire concert. This is the last fundraiser of the school year. Thank you to our AMAZING Hoover Community for all of your support this year!!!!

The concert will be from 6-7:30pm, Monday June 4th. Kindergarten and 1st grade will perform from 6-6:30pm, 2nd and 3rd grade from 6:30-7pm, and 4th grade from 7-7:30pm.

June 4                   Outdoor Music Concert 
                             6-6:30 KG-1st, 6:30-7 2nd-3rd, 7-7:30 4th Grade
June 5                   Field Day Rain Day
June 8                  4th Grade Diamond Jack River Tour Field Trip
June 8                  3rd Grade Bowling Field Trip
June 11                3rd Trimester Ends
June 11                1st Grade Bowling Field Trip
June 12                4th Grade Fairway Farms Swim Party
June 14               Half Day Dismissal 12:10
June 15               Half Day Dismissal 12:10 LAST DAY
Sept. 4                 First Day of the 18/19 School Year
Dec. 24-Jan 4     Winter Recess
April 1-5             Spring Break

Friday, May 25, 2018


Dear Hoover Rockets,

We hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!
Reminder that there is NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY!

3rd Grade Field Trip

Our 3rd Grade students went to Jiffy on Tuesday and got a plant tour and some take home samples.  Thank you to our parents that accompanied them on the trip and thank you to our PTA for supporting the transportation portion of the Field Trip.

Hoover Music Concert June 4th

Mark you calendars for the Hoover Outdoor Music Concert.  The students will be performing at the following times:
6:00-6:30  Kindergarten and First Grade
6:30-7:00 Second and Third Grade
7:00-7:30 Fourth Grade

The concert will be taking place on the East Side of the building behind the 4th grade hallway.  Students should arrive and sit with their families on blankets and lawn chairs in the grass.  Mr. Turner and Ms. Sato will call specific grade levels up to the main stage area at the appropriate times.  All Hoover Rockets will be participating in the concert.  
We will have an area marked off for blanket seating and for lawn chair seating. Thank you for seating in the correct area.  We want to make sure every Hoover Rocket can be seen by their families.  Dogs and alcohol are not permitted on school grounds.
We had a great turn out and response last year!  We are expecting a larger crowd, so please plan accordingly. Don't forget we will have Kona Ice and a food truck here so you don't have to cook dinner just bring some cash. Hoover will be getting a percentage back! Thanks for your support in making this an amazing night for our Hoover Rockets! 

Rocket Pad

The School Store will be closing on Thursday, May 31st for the year.  Thank you to Ms. Charochak and Mrs. Hawker for all your leadership with our Student Council this year!

Did you know that you can stop the summer reading slide?  Please see below for various opportunities to keep your children's brains physically, academically, and social-emotionally active during the summer months!  If your child received an Individual Reading Improvement Plan this list and the accompanying links serve as your summer read at home /support plan.  
Roosevelt Elementary school has a collection of e-books that are free to our students.  Visit Capstone Interactive to see how to login and access these books.
i-READY and RAZ KIDS (Some classes had an account)
Until early August students can still take advantage of their i-Ready reading/math licenses(as applicable) and their RAZ KIDS account(all students).  Contact your child's teacher if you don't have login information for home.

Livonia Parks and Recreation Website

  • Livonia PTSA Council and Livonia Public Library have partnered together to provide Early Literacy Volunteers to assist elementary students (grades K-5) in Livonia Public Schools with reading and other literacy skills during the summer.
  • ELVs is currently enrolling children who need additional reading assistance that are interested, and, whose families are willing to commit to at least one day a week for the duration of the program.  
  • If you are concerned about your child's reading progress please consider participating in this excellent (and FREE) opportunity for additional support during the summer at our city's beautiful (and air conditioned) Public Library!  
Visit to see what is going on this summer at the Livonia Public Library.
Visit Livonia YMCA to view the selection of events and activities at the Livonia YMCA.
Take some time to review the following information from Michigan State University that provides information on Summer Slide and some great resources to fill your child’s summer with fun and resources to keep their brains learning.  
MSU Summer Slide Information 

Take virtual field trips this summer and earn virtual badges through PBS kids.  Visit PBS Virtual Badges for more information.

Students in grades K and 1 who were on an Individual Reading Improvement Plan(I-RIP) have received invitations to our Students Helping Students summer literacy program.

The tutor list contacts names of certified teachers who are eligible to tutor students in various grades and subjects. LPS does not control fees.
Thank you for all your contributions for the Hoover Walk-a-thon!  We are looking forward to seeing the students dunk Mr. Tony, Mrs. Linn, Mrs. Bice and Mr. O in the Dunk Tank!
May 28                No School Memorial Day
May 30                 11:30 Fire Drill 
May 31                 Kindergarten Orientation, Nuts About Science
June 1                   Field Day
June 4                   Outdoor Music Concert
June 5                   Field Day Rain Day
June 8                  4th Grade Diamond Jack River Tour Field Trip
June 8                  3rd Grade Bowling Field Trip
June 11                3rd Trimester Ends
June 11                1st Grade Bowling Field Trip
June 12                4th Grade Fairway Farms Swim Party
June 14               Half Day Dismissal 12:10
June 15               Half Day Dismissal 12:10 LAST DAY
Sept. 4                 First Day of the 18/19 School Year
Dec. 24-Jan 4     Winter Recess
April 1-5             Spring Break

Friday, May 18, 2018


Dear Hoover Rockets,

We celebrated our Hoover Volunteers this week at the Volunteer Tea on Wednesday.  Ongoing research shows that family engagement in schools improves student achievement, reduces absenteeism, and maintains parents’ confidence in their children’s education. Students with involved parents or other caregivers earn higher grades and test scores, have better social skills, and show improved behavior.
Each of our Volunteers have made a difference in the lives of our 503 Hoover Rockets.  Thank you for all you do!
On a daily basis we see family members, business partners, neighbors, retired teachers, staff family members and friends here volunteering which creates a warm, friendly, fun, positive community.  Recently a visitor to Hoover shared that she had been in a lot of schools and none felt as positive, welcoming and friendly at Hoover.  Each of you makes this possible.  Every day I look forward to coming to Hoover. As I am driving I am thinking about how much I enjoy the people here and the relationships, the interactions, the conversations, the commitment by everyone to ensure that our Hoover Rockets have a wonderful, safe, engaging learning environment.  There is no place better than Hoover. 

Thank you for painting, stapling, typing, stuffing, sorting, gluing, cutting, reading, hugging, listening, talking, cooking, shopping, filing, copying, organizing, wrapping, decorating and planning.  This year we can add watering, shoveling, planting and weeding.  

Did you know that the F.B.I. motto is  Fidelity Bravery and Integrity?  Ms. Charochak's students learned this on Thursday when Mr. FitzGerald (Jack's Dad) came in to share about his career in the FBI.  Fidelity means honor, honest and truthful.  Bravery means standing up and doing the right thing even if you are scared.  Integrity means doing the right thing when no one is looking.  The first grade students also learned that there are 12,000 FBI agents.  Ms. Charochak got to try out the Hand Cuffs.

Thank you so much to our wonderful volunteers!  From donations, helping at events, popping popcorn, crafting, decorating, and so much more. This school year would not have been successful without you!

Our 4th grade Distinguished service award winners this year are...
Cathi Anderson, Nicole Dant, Roy Watts, Jen Fraser, Bev Schave and Madeline Acosta. 
May 21-June 1     I-READY Diagnostics Begin
May 22                3rd Grade Field Trip Chelsea Milling Company
May 23                SACC New Family Registration
May 24                Nuts About Science
May 25                9:30 Fire Drill, Half Day Dismissal 12:10
May 28                No School Memorial Day
May 30                11:30 Fire Drill
May 31                 Kindergarten Orientation, Nuts About Science
June 1                   Field Day
June 4                   Outdoor Music Concert
June 5                   Field Day Rain Day
June 8                  4th Grade Diamond Jack River Tour Field Trip
June 8                  3rd Grade Bowling Field Trip
June 11                3rd Trimester Ends
June 11                1st Grade Bowling Field Trip
June 12                4th Grade Fairway Farms Swim Party
June 14                Half Day Dismissal 12:10
June 15                Half Day Dismissal 12:10 LAST DAY
Sept. 4                 First Day of the 18/19 School Year
Dec. 24-Jan 4     Winter Recess
April 1-5             Spring Break