Sunday, June 19, 2016

Summer Updates!

Hello Hoover Rockets,
Lots of activity has been happening at Hoover.  The new windows are going in, the outside of the building is getting painted, and the new ceilings are being installed.   Please remember that all students should have an adult with them if they come to Hoover to play on the playground.  We have a lot of large equipment and materials surrounding the school.  Thanks for your support.

Suggested School Supply List
Please click on this link to see the Suggested School Supply List for 2016/17.

I have received some emails about Parent Connect.  If you are not able to retrieve a password for Parent Connect then that means we have a different email in our system.  Therefore, you need to email Mrs. Holmes ( to have your email updated in our system.  We have a sent a letter with your child's report card with instructions for setting up your password.  REMEMBER you will need to access Parent Connect in the Fall in order to find out your child's teacher assignment.

Summer is a great time to start cutting and collecting Box Tops for next year!

8/24 Bounce Back to School Event at Churchill High School 5-8:00 p.m.
9/6  First Day of School (1/2 Day)
9/28 Hoover Open House/Curriculum Night