Sunday, December 11, 2016

Practicing reading on devices!

Hello Hoover Rockets,

Please check your child's backpack for their report card.  It was sent home on Friday.  Please read and review the report card with your Hoover Rocket.  It is important for students to know that you are working as a team with their teacher to help them achieve academic success.

We are working hard at Hoover with our Reading skills. Students are practicing reading on Chromebooks. Reading and responding to questions using a device is a skill that is required for all students to be successful in the future.  The M-STEP assessment is administered using a computer.  As you think about your daily reading habits I am sure the majority occurs with a computer or device.

Chrome Books
One day a week, Mrs. Horgan brings in a whole class set of Chrome books that were purchased with the building renovation/technology bond money. Her class has the opportunity to read electronic books from 3 different educational websites: Starfall, Bookflix and Pebble Go. Each website has an amazing amount of books in all different genres. What Mrs. Horgan likes best is that struggling readers can enjoy the books as well because the website will read the book to them if they need support. These are all websites that students can access from home as well.

Increasing Minutes Reading
We are trying to increase the number of minutes that are students are reading.  Last week Mrs. Lipinski and Ms. Charochak's class practiced reading with their Reading Buddy.  The students enjoy reading to an older or younger peer.  

Did you know that next year Hoover's parking lot will be redone?  You might have noticed some bright orange paint sprayed on the black top in various places.  They have begun to measure and plan for the summer project.  This is part of the bond/renovation project.  
*Thank you for all the shoe donations.  We are waiting to hear the results as they are still counting all the bags of shoes.  We have learned that it is down to Garfield or Hoover.  We have a 50/50 chance of winning the $1000.  
*The Dearborn Ham and Dave and Busters forms are due on December 13!  Thank you for supporting Hoover.
*Still need to get some shopping done?  Sign up for Kids Night Out and spend an evening shopping while your children enjoy an evening with their friends at Hoover.  Dinner, craft, PE activities and movie will be provided.

12/12-12/19 Candy Cane Sale in the Rocket Pad
12/13 Dave and Buster Power Card Forms Due
12/13 Dearborn Ham Order Forms Due
12/14 & 12/16 Kids Night Out (Yellow Flyer came home)
12/16 Hat Spirit Day ($1 to wear a hat)
12/19 2nd Grade and Mrs. Flak's class Field Trip to Henry Ford
12/21 Cookie Exchange for Staff
12/22 Dearborn Ham Pick Up
12/23 Half Day of School Student dismissal 12:10
12/26-1/6 Holiday Break
1/9 First Day Back
1/10 Hearing Rescreening
1/11 PTA Meeting 1:00

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