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Hello Hoover Rockets,

I have joined many classes on Zoom this week and it was great to see all the smiling faces.  We miss the students so much.  I have also been seeing a lot of the assignments that students are completing!  Keep up the great work Hoover.  We have had over 88% of our Hoover Rockets turning in assignments!

Student Personal Belongings
Depending on when the Stay at Home is lifted, we will have a Curbside Student Belongings Pick Up.  Hoping for the week of June 8th.  Look for more information to come in the future.

Hoover Fine Arts Festival
Mrs. Mitchell put together this slideshow of our Hoover Fine Arts Fesitval Finalists!  Take a look at our amazing artwork by clicking

On Line Registration for New Families
LPS is proud to announce that registration has gone online.  This includes incoming kindergarten students.  Read all about it here.

Character Trait for May: GRIT
Try Hard, Stick to It, and Don't Give Up!
Discuss this poster with your children,
and brainstorm ways to have a positive
MINDSET while working at home.

Staying Motivated While “Sheltering In Place”

Staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic you might have low energy and feel less than productive. You might be grieving the loss of your normal routine and experiencing a lack of direction and motivation. This can make it challenging to maintain healthy habits or adhere to a daily schedule. You might be working remotely, helping your children with schoolwork, or creating a long to-do list of household projects – yet you might find it particularly difficult to stay productive and proactive.

As you struggle to accomplish tasks and address responsibilities, you might be frustrated that you are not doing things as efficiently or effectively as you think you “should.” It is normal to experience ebbs and flows in energy and productivity during such an unpredictable time.

Here are some suggestions to increase your motivation during this pandemic:

1. Stick to a routine. Establishing a routine during this time is one of the most important things you can do to stay motivated. Too much ‘downtime’ can be detrimental when times are uncertain, and sticking to a routine will help you maintain a sense of control. Wake up and go to sleep at consistent times, eat healthy meals, manage your work hours, and find time to relax.

2. Avoid electronics when first you wake up. You might normally check your phone, review email, or look at social media first thing in the morning. Instead, take a few moments to meditate or engage in physical activity upon waking. Focusing on your physical and mental health when you wake up positively impacts your mindset and enhances well-being.

3. Get dressed. It might be tempting to stay in pajamas all day but getting dressed allows you to create structure and stick to your schedule.

4. Take breaks. Make time for breaks. Throughout the day you will inevitably get bored or distracted, and it is a good idea to take breaks every 90 minutes to two hours if you are working from home. If you need to remind yourself to take breaks, set a timer.

5. Dedicated workspace. If you do not have a separate office space in your home, let your family members know when you are working on your computer or sitting at your desk and that you should not be disturbed. Even if you are not working from home, you will still need to set aside time to pay expenses, plan meals, and other household tasks. You might want to wear headphones to send a clear message that you do not want to be disturbed. Avoid lounging around on the couch or lying in bed with your laptop. The goal is to create a routine, and part of maintaining your motivation is to have a dedicated place and time for work. This also helps you mentally separate yourself from work at the end of the day.

6. Take turns. Keeping the kids entertained and following a routine can be like a second job. Balance is important. If you have a partner or other adult in your home, share household, child-, and pet-related responsibilities. While one adult works, the other does childcare, walks the dog, or mops the kitchen, for example.

7. Plan your day. Take just 5-10 minutes each morning (or the night before) to plan your day, and you will get significantly more out of each day.
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Thank you to our School Social Worker Ms. Nesti for finding these helpful tips!

64 days out and counting!  We have officially less than a month until the last day of school.  Hang in there, we can do this!  The Hoover PTA

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”
~Benjamin Franklin   

Tuesday, June 2nd at 7:00 pm we are planning our last PTA meeting of the school year.  It will be set up as a ZOOM meeting so you can join us from the comforts of home.   Our plan is to recap and discuss our plans to close out the 2019/2020 school year.  We will also be introducing our new PTA board!   Set yourself a reminder now because June will be here before we know it. 

Join us at Hoover Rockets PTA. It’s a fun and positive place to post pictures about your adventures at home. 

Even though the school year is almost over, memberships are always welcome.  If you are interested in a PTA board position or voting for the 2020-2021 PTA board, you must have a PTA membership.  You can register for a membership online using memberhub:   

Nominations for Executive Board positions are accepted until May 29th.  If you are interested in running for any of the positions, please send an email to Tracey Schenk at  May 29th we will vote on our 2020-2021 Board.  Watch for more information to come about the May meeting and elections.

2020-2021 Board Nominations
The nominations for the 2020-2021 board:
President: Christina Testa
Vice President: Monica Robinson
2nd Vice President: Beth Ann Hall
Recording Secretary: Stacy Curtis
Corresponding Secretary: Rebecca Bowring
Treasurer: Carmin Haylock
Asst. Treasurer: Colleen Matz

We understand how disappointing this is for our 4th graders to miss out on so much at the end of the school year.  But, we want you to know the PTA and Principal Linn are discussing creative ideas to make their last days at Hoover special and memorable.     

Don’t forget to keep the Hoover Rockets spirit alive.  If you are looking for a creative gift idea, check out all the new items for spring.  Due to the current circumstances, orders will take a bit longer than usual.  If any order cannot be processed due to limited supplies, Sports Hut will contact you directly.  Any orders over $50 get free shipping.  Click here for details:

Check out this uplifting video from our Youth Making A Difference participants for the 2019/2020 school year!  
5/14 Young Fives Registration Begins on LPS Website
5/22 Half Day
5/25 Memorial Day-No School
5/29 PTA Meeting and Voting for 20/21 Board
6/1-6/5 Future KG Virtual Parent Meetings
6/12 Last Day of School
6/17 Parents Can View Report Card

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