Friday, March 10, 2017

PJs at Hoover!

Hello Hoover Rockets,

We had a great week at Hoover.  Wednesday we welcomed our new Kindergarten Families to Hoover. Thursday students enjoyed wearing PJs to school and we had our All School Read In.  The Second Trimester ended on Friday and teachers worked on report cards Friday afternoon.  Next week, the Hoover Staff will be trading spots with another staff member as they read to our Hoover Rockets to celebrate March is Reading month.
PJs in Ms. Moritz' Class
PJs in the Computer Lab!

PJs in Mrs. Christensen's Class
PJs in Mrs. Harris' Class

PJs in Ms. Fortier's Class
PJs in the Library.

Hoover Annual Education Report
We have posted the 2015/16 Hoover Annual Education Report on our website.  Here is the direct link for you to review.

Report Cards 
Due to the power outages last week, report cards will not be coming home until March 24th.  Thank you for understanding as many schools were without power for a couple days last week.
Please join us on Wednesday night for Book Bingo Night.  We are collecting gently used children and adult books for prizes.  Please send them in to the bins in the lobby.  Thank you!

Penny War Results  The SEAL wins!!!! $323.99  Thank you for sending in your change.  The Polar Bear collected $136.98.

 7 Ways to Build a Better Reader for Grades 3-5
         Try these simple strategies to make reading a lifelong habit for your child.

1. Read aloud with your child. Find a comfortable spot where the two of you can read together every day for about 30 minutes. Take turns reading chapters from a book for pleasure, or read books that are above her reading level but are about things that interest her.
2. Encourage all reading. Comic books and magazines can provide a good reading experience. As long as they are age-appropriate, don't discourage his interest, but keep a stock of high-quality books in your home so he has other options easily available.
3. Keep a dictionary handy. Together, look up words she doesn't know and invest in a dictionary she can use on her own.
4. Use informative books. Encourage reading for information. If he has a science report, help him find books for his research rather than only going to the Web. While the Internet is an easy resource, teach him that books are often more detailed.
5. Discuss the books. Ask your child what an author's main theme is, how characters are alike or different, what she likes or dislikes about the story, and how it compares to other books she's read. Share your own thoughts.
6. Expect plateaus. Following some big leaps in his progress, your child may stay at the same reading level for several months. Keep encouraging him and offer praise.
7. Set a good example. Read for your own pleasure and information every day at home, in a room without television.
Taken from Parent and Child Magazine

3/15 Book Bingo Night
3/15 4th Grade DTE Assembly
3/15 Hoover Transition Team Meeting 4:15
3/17 Teachers Swap and Read
3/23 Spring Picture Day
3/24 Guest Reader Day, Report Cards Go Home
3/25 & 3/26 Girl Scout Cookie Drive Thru at Hoover
3/27 Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser
3/31 Career Spirit Day, Author Assembly, Ice Cream Sundeas
4/3-4/7 Spring Break
4/11 2nd and 3rd Grade Cass Students Visit Hoover
4/12 PTA Meeting 1:00 p.m.
4/14 No School
4/19 KG & 1st Grade Cass Students Visit Hoover
4/21 Green Out Spirit Day
4/22 Martian Marathon 12:20 (Orange)
4/25-4/27 4th Grade Lansing Trips
4/28 Livonia Arbor Day Celebration at Hoover 1:30